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Tree maintenance

Your trees are in the best care with us. Our certified arborists carry out the necessary pruning measures from deadwood removal to crownmaintenance in a professional manner.

Depending on your needs, we work with a lifting ramp or rope climbing. We find the right approach for every tree.

Necessary trunk and root protection measures for tree protection in the construction site area are professionally implemented by our trained employees. Therefor nothing stands in the way healthy plants and undisturbed construction.

Tree removal

Tree removal

In Vienna, for trees (excluding fruit trees) with a trunk circumference of 40 cm (measured at a height of one meter from the beginning of the root branching), you need a tree removal application in accordance with the Vienna Tree Protection Act, which we will submit for you at your request. You can find more information on this at:

For the other federal states of Austria, the applicable legal provisions must also be taken into account. After receiving the tree verdict, we will remove your tree and dispose all the clippings.


Rootstock removal

On request, we can remove your rootstock mechanically using a rootstock grinder or, in the case of very difficult locations, manually by our competent employees.

Large tree transplantion

We have been able to transplant large trees for decades thanks to our own transplanting equipment. Not only do we guarantee professional and careful transplanting, we also take care of the further maintenance of your tree.

If the tree is too big for our equipment, we can fall back on reliable partners, as we have been partners of the DGG international (German Association for Transplanting Specimen Trees) for decades. This is the leading association in Europe and has the experience of more than 1 million transplanted trees.

By transplanting large trees, you can keep your beloved tree during a construction project or have a green garden overnight.

We would be happy to advise and support you with your project.