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Our certified swimming pond and natural pool builder will support you with advice and support to make your dream of your own natural swimming area come true.

As a member of the Verbandes Österreichischer Schwimmteich- & Naturpoolbau , we stand for quality when it comes to water in your garden.

We will be happy to advise you on the characteristics of the different types of swimming ponds and natural pools and together we will find the right system for you.

“Schwimmteiche und Naturpools sind handgefertigte Gewässersysteme, die sich sowohl in den Naturgarten, als auch in den architektonisch gestylten Freiraum perfekt einfügen – und das rein biologisch ohne jeglichen Zusatz von Chlor oder anderen chemischen Mitteln.” – Link zur Homepage – Verband österreichischer Schwimmteich- & Naturpoolbau (VÖSN)

Swimming ponds are stagnant, man-made bodies of water. In this system, water purification occurs through the formation and sedimantation of plankton. This requires a water exchange between the use and regeneration zones. For optimal water purification, the planted regeneration zone must be at least 50% of the total water surfacethe planted regeneration zone must be at least 50% of the total water surface of the swimming pond. For a functioning swimming pond, the water depth should be at least 1.80m.

Our natural pools are man-made bodies of water. These are sealed againste the undergrpund using pond liner and only filled up completely once. Water purification occurs through the formation of biofilm on the surface in the filter basin. The nutrients are stored in the bofilm and “harvested” when needed. Organic plant substrates are not permitted in a natural pool. Since this is a nutrient-limited body of water, planting in this system isnot advisably.

Do you want to have fun swimming in a clear natural pool, but don’t want to miss out on the splendor of the plants? Then a combination pond is just the thing. This is a natural pool that is immediatley adjacent to an ornamental pond. Both water bodies are structurally sparated from each other so that the best of both systems is preserved.

Mainteanance plays an important role in maintaining a swimming pond or natural pool. The intensity and frequency of maintenance affects the nutrient balance and thus the formation of algae and clouding of the water. The aim of maintenance is to keep the nutrient input/content as low as possible. This is done by pruning plants and removing of the sediments on the bottom of the swimming pond, as well as cleaning the filter of the natural poolin autumn. Leaves, seeds or something similar should also be fished out of the water of both systems. In autumn it is advisable to stretch a leaf catcher net over the water surface.

To avoid the risk of slipping on Sstanding surfaces and steps, they should becleaned of biofilm with a broom.